Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a strategy used to increase brand engagement and to drive traffic to a business’s website.

There are two methods that make up social media marketing. One is social media posting, which works to create customer loyalty through brand engagement. The other is social media advertising, which works to acquire new clients by leading them to your website.

Local Marketing, Inc. is a digital marketing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. We know that a business’s social media strategy works best when both of these methods are being utilized. Read on to find out more about both social media practices.

Get New Clients Using Social Media Advertising

The amount of money spent on internet advertising has surpassed the amount of money spent on newspaper advertising. This amount is only going to continue to grow, and social media ads are a very competitive type of internet advertising. Like SEM, social media ads aim to drive clicks to your website.

Why are they so competitive? Well, roughly 72 percent of all Internet Users in the United States have a Facebook profile, which allows for a huge audience reach. Other social media platforms have impressive reach as well, but none of them come close to the percentage of users Facebook has.

In addition to that, some estimates say Facebook ads have 8 or 9 times the click-through rate of normal web advertisements. How is that possible? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social media platforms provide robust ad targeting capabilities.

This allows advertisers to reach their business’s qualified demographics, so their social media ads provide an impressive return on investment.

One of our medical clients has experienced a cost per click of approximately $1.47 on their Facebook ads over the course of six months!

Local Marketing, Inc. utilizes social media ads to drive client acquisition rates for the businesses that work with us.

We Manage:

  • The development of social media ads
  • The creation of advertising content
  • Ad testing
  • Ad targeting
  • Ad optimization
  • The allocation of advertising budgets
  • ROI reporting

Keep Clients Loyal Using Social Media Posts

A well-crafted social media page is a great way to create the right impression with someone who is new to your brand. It’s a platform that allows you to:

  • Provide vital information about your business
  • Provide valuable content to potential and existing customers
  • Interact directly with those customers and build relationships
  • Recapture an existing client’s interest

We work with our clients to create professional, inviting social media pages, and we write and post unique, targeted, and truly interesting social media content on their behalves.

We review our social media methods to analyze what achieved the greatest audience reach and post engagement, and we refine our strategies on a regular basis.

Google and other search engines interpret social media engagement such as likes, shares, tweets, views, and more as social signals. A social signal is interpreted as a recommendation by an actual human being, and your SEO rankings can be positively impacted.

social media and your online reputation

A Reputation that took Decades to Build can be Threatened by a Single Event. Word of mouth can now be Googled, Indexed and Archived!


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