Case Studies

Case Study

Revitalizing Ole Ben Franklin Motors’ Online Presence

In the competitive landscape of automotive sales, maintaining a fresh and engaging online presence is crucial. Ole Ben Franklin Motors, faced with outdated branding across all four websites, sought our expertise to revitalize their digital image and centralize their theme. This case study delves into the challenges Ole Ben Franklin Motors faced, the strategic steps we took to address them, and the remarkable results achieved through our collaborative efforts.

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Case Study

How Volunteer Auto Group Doubled Their Close Rates with a Strategic Shift

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, the ability to adapt is often the key to success. Volunteer Auto Group, a prominent player in Tennessee’s used car industry, struggled to convert Facebook leads into sales and wanted to know how they could pivot. In this case study, our digital marketing team reveals the journey from a puzzling problem to a smart solution.

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