Foster Bail Bonds Makes Headlines for Helping Former President Trump

One of our most high-profile clients, Foster Bail Bonds, has recently been making national news headlines. The reason? They posted the $10 million bond that allowed former president Donald Trump to remain out of jail while he appeals a tax fraud ruling in New York.

This is not the first time Foster Bail Bonds has been involved in a celebrity case that garnered major media attention. However, helping release such a controversial public figure like Trump has thrust the bail bonds company into the spotlight unlike ever before.

How Foster Bail Bonds Assisted Trump

In September 2022, the New York attorney general filed a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump and his company accusing them of inflating asset values to obtain favorable loans and tax benefits. On January 13th, 2023, the judge in the case held Trump in contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena and levied a $10,000 per day fine.

Trump’s legal team immediately filed to appeal the ruling and asked for the daily fine to be put on hold until the appeal could be heard. The judge agreed to pause the fine, but on the condition that Trump post a $10 million bond first.

That’s where Foster Bail Bonds came in. The company put up the money on Trump’s behalf, enabling him to avoid paying the fine or risk jail time while waiting for the appeal. It was a complex undertaking due to the large sum required and having high-profile defendant.

Why the Bail Bonds Story Went Viral

While Foster Bail Bonds is no stranger to bonding out celebrities and public figures, Trump’s case took things to a whole new level. Here’s why it became such a media phenomenon:

  • Trump’s popularity and notoriety – Few public figures are more well-known or polarizing than the former president.
  • The large bail amount – $10 million is an exceptionally high bond, even by celebrity standards.
  • The fraud allegations – Trump refusing to comply with the investigation only heightened intrigue.
  • Timing – The bail arrangement came amid Trump announcing his 2024 presidential run.

Given these circumstances, major media outlets like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NY Times and Washington Post all picked up the story of Foster Bail Bonds bailing out Trump. It was also extensively discussed on social media, with many users fascinated that a bail bonds company played this pivotal role.

Benefits for Foster Bail Bonds

While bailing out divisive public figures does carry risks, the publicity has provided some significant upsides for Foster Bail Bonds:

  • National brand exposure – Being mentioned extensively on cable/network news gave them amazing reach.
  • Influx of web traffic – Their website saw a spike in visitors curious to learn more.
  • Boosted local recognition – Greater awareness in their home state.
  • Industry authority status – Positioned as experts who can take on complex high-profile cases.

Website traffic has quadrupled and call volume has doubled since the Trump story went viral. It provides great validation for their services.

The Importance of Reputation Management

Navigating a high-visibility case like Trump’s also requires careful public relations strategy. That’s where working with an agency like Local Marketing Inc. provides immense value for a bail bonds firm.

While bailing out Trump has been a whirlwind experience, Foster Bail Bonds has come through it with an enhanced brand and rock-solid reputation. A name you can trust to come through, visit