Case Study – Ole Ben Franklin Motors

Case Study

Client Overview

Ole Ben Franklin Motors, a reputable player in the automotive industry, approached us with a distinctive challenge. All four of their websites, including a recently launched one, suffered from outdated branding and content. The client recognized the need to centralize their theme to present a cohesive and modern image to their audience.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Ole Ben Franklin Motors was the outdated branding and content across their websites. With a mix of old and new sites, the lack of consistency not only hindered the user experience but also failed to convey a unified brand message. The client needed a strategy to centralize their theme, creating a cohesive and contemporary image across all online platforms.

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Ole Ben Franklin Motors

The Strategy

To address Ole Ben Franklin Motors’ branding challenge, we formulated the “Ole Ben Says Yes” branding strategy. This involved a comprehensive approach to centralize their theme and create a consistent brand identity. The strategy encompassed rebuilding social ads with static image ads and video retargeting, utilizing and repurposing existing client source material.

How We Did It

Ole Ben Says Yes Branding Strategy: A comprehensive approach to revamp the branding and create a unified theme across all websites. This involved redesigning logos, updating visuals, and ensuring consistency in messaging.


Social Ads Reconstruction: Building engaging social ads with a mix of static images and video retargeting to reach a broader audience and enhance user engagement.


Creative Campaigns: Developing creative campaigns based on the client’s source material to maintain authenticity while presenting a fresh and modern image.

Case Study

The Results

The impact of our strategic interventions was transformative for Ole Ben Franklin Motors. The implementation of the “Ole Ben Says Yes” branding strategy resulted in a 52% increase in website users, a 62% increase in website activity, and a staggering 792% increase in page views for pre-owned inventory.


The success story of Ole Ben Franklin Motors demonstrates the power of a holistic branding strategy and creative digital campaigns. By addressing the client’s challenge of outdated branding and centralizing their theme, we not only improved the overall aesthetics of their online presence but also significantly enhanced user engagement and activity on their websites.


This case study underscores the importance of adapting strategies to meet the unique needs of each client. In the competitive automotive industry, where first impressions matter, a cohesive and modern online presence can make a substantial difference. Ole Ben Franklin Motors’ journey from outdated branding to a revitalized digital image serves as an inspiring example of the positive outcomes that can be achieved through strategic collaboration and a tailored approach to digital marketing.

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