With so many digital marketing agencies out there, it may be difficult to find the right one. We’ve chosen some tips to consider when making the right choice. Digital Marketing in Automotive is competitive and you want the right company to represent you. Read on to learn tips to choosing a digital marketing agency best for you.

Local Dealer understands the needs of the Automotive Dealer industry. Our services work to get you the sales you need. Contact us here to schedule a Demo to see if we have what you have been missing.

Are you working with an Automotive Digital Marketing Agency for Automotive?

There are three potential problems you’ve either experienced or could experience if you’re not working with an agency dedicated to the automotive industry.

Having your own internal marketing only

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. Having an internal team limits you to what you have already been doing. We’ll collaborate with your internal marketing team to show you what is working across the nation and implement these solutions locally in your community. We love working with our clients to build marketing plans that work.

Working with a digital marketing agency that has various types of clients

Have you ever felt like you and your external marketing are speaking different languages? Do they understand the importance of your goals? Do they know your brand’s compliance standards? At Local Dealer, a large part of our staff has prior experience in the Automotive industry. We communicate with dealers that face the same obstacles as you. Our training standards cover compliance within your branding. In short, we know the Automotive industry inside and out.

Are you getting the most out of Co-op?

Not working with an agency that knows Co-op can leave money on the table. When we make marketing decisions together, we will always focus on getting you the most out of your budget and getting the manufacturer’s assistance at the same time.

What do the reports look like?

Do your agency’s reports convey information that helps you? How often do you get a report from your agency? Most agencies report monthly, at the end of the month, to let you know how you did. We meet and deliver reports weekly. Weekly reporting helps us collaborate and make adjustments to help hit goals. Plus, we keep our weekly meetings to the point because we know how valuable your time is. We also know the value of your success, and your success hinges on our team keeping you updated.

Are you getting the attention you need from your Digital Marketing Agency?

Do you ever need something done and don’t feel like you’re getting the attention that you were once promised? At Local Dealer, we would never overpromise and under-deliver. Every Account Manager maintains a relationship with their client. Meeting weekly will help you gain rapport as well as always feel like an open line of communication is available.

Digital Marketing Agency for Automotive Conclusion

We offer these tips with a solution. Local Dealer has helped hundreds of dealerships nationwide. We are 100% transparent! We charge a flat monthly fee for our services and never charge a commission on any ad spend.
All content and creative assets are custom-made for you and you alone. You will never find us delivering anything “cookie-cutter.”
We help our dealers decide on the right product mix based on their needs. Many competitors will not allow you to only choose one or two services. Instead, they make you select a full package, even if you don’t need all of those services.
We keep the ratio of accounts per account manager low. Therefore our team can spend more time working on your overall strategy.
Contact us to learn more about how Local Marketing can help you.