Why We’re Different

Local Marketing, Inc. takes a unique approach to digital marketing. Our localized method increases clients, patients, and customers to your business or practice by geographically targeting those with the greatest need for and interest in your services.

Why LMi is Your Competitive Advantage

Our team of marketing experts is devoted to providing each client with the best return on investment they could hope for. In order to monitor client ROI, our team of account managers follows these simple steps during every LMi project:

  • Analysis: Perform a competitive analysis and a digital analysis to see how each client stacks up in their industry and local area.
  • Strategy: Create a comprehensive marketing strategy to make the client a leader in their expertise and area.
  • Creation: Build, re-build, or update company websites in order to optimize page visitor conversions and turn page views into leads.
  • Marketing: Customize a campaign fitting the company’s needs, from SEO and content marketing to paid search marketing to social media management.
  • Reporting: Analyze everything in terms of ROI. If we see a piece of data, you see that piece of data.

What to Expect with Local Marketing, Inc.

Local Marketing, Inc. offers unique advantages that many marketing firms lack. To ensure our clients are familiar with all of our marketing practices, strategies, goals, and services, LMi offers the following:

  • Full Transparency: We track every piece of data from your marketing strategy to keep you in the loop with what’s working.
  • Longitudinal Reporting: Your project manager will send you reporting that covers every aspect of your marketing campaign on a weekly basis.
  • Superior Customer Service: We provide you with the whole team, dedicated to providing on-going updates and enhancements to ensure your company’s marketing stays best in class.
  • All the Extras: Each of our clients’ marketing campaigns are completely customizable—we’ll add and adjust any part of your strategy at any point.
  • One-Stop Shop: Instead of outsourcing creative, IT or SEO services to different places, we’ll provide the entire team you need.
  • Strategy PLUS Execution: We analyze every aspect of your current campaign and your competitors, then determine the best strategy by way of your industry and location.
  • Acquisition Marketing Specialists: With our marketing proficiencies, we can find the customers who are going to convert – and at a price you’re willing to pay.
  • Focus on Results: Your weekly reports are completely ROI-focused. We’re determined to get you the highest return on investment possible.

Learn How Local Marketing, Inc. Can Benefit You

To get more information on what makes Local Marketing, Inc. different and how we can benefit your company, fill out our online form or call 404-917-2100. Request a free digital analysis or ask one of our team members for a case study from your industry.