Web Development

Web development is simply the method of building a website. Like any marketing strategy, there are many factors to take into consideration when designing and developing a new website for your business.

A website is a platform for the products and services a business provides as well as their connected digital marketing strategies.

According to research, a website provides a potential customer with their first impression of a business in under three seconds. This is why it’s so important for businesses to have a website that has been professionally designed and developed.

Local Marketing, Inc. is a digital marketing company in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide professional, custom website design & development services to help our clients succeed.

Read on to learn more about the importance of today’s best web development practices.

Responsive Website Design

What is a responsive website design? It’s a website design conforming stylistically and functionally regardless of screen size on:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

Google receives over 1 trillion searches each year. Their measurements indicate that more than half of these are happening on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets.

If a website is not responsive, visitors may not be able to see images or read text easily, and they will not be able to navigate your website easily.

Not having a responsive website design leads to:

  • Decreased site traffic
  • Fewer customer conversions
  • A high bounce rate
  • Lower search engine rankings

You can easily check your website design to see if it’s responsive.

Local Marketing, Inc. only designs custom built, responsive websites. We ensure our clients’ digital marketing platforms can provide the best user experience possible on all devices.

Clean Coding

When it comes to actually developing the website, a concept known as clean coding plays a big role.

In laymen’s terms, clean code is code that is easy to write, read, and maintain. Most websites receive on-going updates to remain competitive.

Clean coding is more easily rendered (or read) by web browsers. This means that a website with cleaning coding will load faster than a website without it.

While code may be read by a computer in terms of executing and loading a website, an actual human will eventually have to read the code as they maintain it and add new features to your website.

At Local Marketing, Inc., we provide our clients with newly developed websites that they own, and which feature clean coding. It’s part of our strategy to provide a lasting value to our clients.

Why Page Load Time Matters

Why does page load time matter? As we stated earlier, website visitors form their first impression of a business in under three seconds. If your website hasn’t loaded within that time, most people will leave your site before it ever loads.

Additionally, Google takes page speed into consideration when ranking websites. You can use Google’s Page Speed Insights to check your own website’s page load time.

From implementing clean coding to compressing images and more, Local Marketing, Inc. provides our clients with fast and efficient page load times.

How Web Development Affects SEO

Most websites are developed on a platform known as a content management system (CMS).

The platform a developer chooses is vital because they are not all equal when it comes to SEO.

Local Marketing, Inc. primarily utilizes WordPress, which easily incorporates SEO tools. This makes adding and updating SEO tags and infrastructure a much simpler process.

Check your website’s SEO tags to see if it’s optimized for search engines.

Ask For Your Professional Website Today

Our in-house digital marketing team includes a team of website designers and web developers. Unifying our website design and development processes helps us build well-designed, well-developed websites efficiently and with a quick turn-around time.

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