Geofencing is a cutting-edge technology that allows advertisers to target their potential customers based on their current, real-time location.

This ground breaking advertising tech uses GPS or radio frequency identification (RFID) location tracking to set up a virtual barrier or fence around a selected area. This fence is accurate down to 10 meters and can be laid out to your exact geographical specifications. This allows your business to target a specific population — of smartphone or surface users — within the barriers you have set up by using each customer’s unique handset or cellphone ID to serve them ads in the apps they are using.

These barriers are dynamic; they can be moved, enlarged, or shrunk depending on who you need to target at that particular time.

Geofencing is excellent at promoting immediate results. By targeting potential and returning customers that are nearby, and by potentially offering incentives and discounts for their business in that moment, we can turn ads into business.

This strategy also works to attract customers after they have passed through your geofence. Referred to as “remarketing,” this technique allows the system to save the cellphone ID for future use, serving them in-app ads later on when they might have more time to make a decision.

Saving the handset or cellphone ID is also used for Foot Traffic Attribution (FTA). This allows us to track which customers physically enter your storefront after being served your ads.

At Local Marketing, Inc. we understand that the best marketing plans combine getting new customers, retaining old ones, and keeping everyone happy so they recommend your business. Here’s how we approach this goal with geofencing.

Improve Brand Awareness

Like most marketing technologies, geofencing is used to increase your company’s exposure and your customer loyalty. If a smartphone user enters the fence and has a mobile web browser open, your geofence can prompt an ad to encourage them to visit your storefront nearby. This is most useful if they are in a situation where they can use their phone, say walking through a mall, sitting in a café, etc.

It is also an incredibly successful tactic for businesses looking to show customers the convenience of their location to places they already visit.

Helping Smaller Businesses

Geofencing is all about local. Small and mid-sized businesses looking for clients in the areas immediately surrounding them are especially benefited by this new technology, especially if they don’t have multiple locations or are unable to ship their product long distances. Types of businesses that geofencing is ideal for include:
• Retail stores
• Restaurants
• Car dealerships
• Companies selling perishable products
• Healthcare facilities
• & more

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