Focus on Location

What is local marketing? It's aiming to be the biggest name in your industry in a 15-mile radius. It means taking on the strategies of national corporations but in a hyper-focused area. By working with sophisticated marketing techniques, your company can rank very high for local keywords in web searches. No matter how your clients are looking for you, your company will show up for those looking for the services you offer in your area.

Local Targeting

Strong local branding is vital for businesses in any industry. A local website and digital marketing and branding strategy gives you advantages over competitors in your regional area who aren’t following this strategy. Our combined digital marketing efforts allow your company to, time and again, optimize visibility in local markets.

Establish a Direct Connection with Your Local Audience

When potential customers see that your website contains unique content customized with information about their specific local area, they will feel better about working with you. Clients looking for a local service are usually wary of larger corporations, and you can dispel that initial hesitation through a strong local website that showcases your local work.

Multiple Locations

Many of the businesses we work with have multiple locations. How can we ensure that each of your locations are showing up for potential customers looking for your services? Simple: we adopt a multi-site strategy.

Multi-Site Strategy for Franchises and Companies with Multiple Locations

For every branch for each of our clients, we produce a unique website with content specific to its location. We integrate all of our services for each location.

This strategy also works for franchise owners. We build out sites that are location-specific to ensure that our clients are as visible as possible. That way, when potential customers perform an Internet search for a company by name, the franchise closest to where they’re located is sure to rank highly.

Localized Social Media

Additionally, our team builds out and optimizes social media accounts for each of a client’s locations. Having localized content on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ enhances the web visibility and organic search rankings for each location.

Contact LMi to Localize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The map is your market! With a range of services that includes SEO, email marketing, geofencing, and more, Local Marketing, inc. can help your business reach new customers in your hometown and beyond. Contact us today for a complimentary digital marketing analysis.