Email Marketing


Email Marketing to Your Existing Customer Database

Email marketing to current and prospective clients already in your CRM is an ideal way to nurture leads and client relationships. By sending out emails and updates to new leads that come through allows us to reach these customers on a regular basis, sharing new information about Sales & Service. Additionally, email newsletters to current and former customers can assist you in continuing to optimize these relationships.

Local Marketing, Inc. provides all content, creative and development services for our clients’ email marketing programs. This includes:

  1. Email Compositions: Our creative team creates each email blast in-house, providing best in class design.
  2. Email Content: We write and create the content for each email newsletter, which includes the email body and images, subject lines, and coding. We never send out an email blast without client approval on the content.
  3. Per Email Tracking and Reporting: Just as with every other marketing tactic, we provide reporting on a weekly basis so you can see evidence of your email marketing campaign’s success.

We pride ourselves in staying on top of all advances in regards to email marketing; because of this, our emails are consistently optimized for viewing on mobile devices. We can implement in most Automotive CRMs like VinSolutions & eLeads; along with services like MailChimp, Constant Contact and more!

How to Create an Effective Conquest Emailing Campaign

Permission-based and highly-targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver results! People are spending more time than ever online and email is a great way to connect with your potential customers. LMi's Email Marketing is the best way to reach thousands of in-market shoppers not currently in your CRM or DMS.

Opt-In Email Data

Our database is scrubbed every 30 days and the people we email have double-opted in to receive our emails. What that means for you is 100% delivery rate and no spam! Comprised of over 120 million records and nearly 750 available demographics & lifestyle selects. Your EXACT target will be reached with accuracy, as your message is delivered.

Targeting Options for Email Marketing through LMi

Top of the Line Creative

Our creative is second-to-none and customized to your every need. We also provide personalized tracking codes so you get info like conversion data and user behavior sent directly to your analytics account.

Sample Email Blast Creative - LMi

In-Depth & Detailed Reporting

We don't just hand you a report about how effective our emails are. We prove it.

  • Low Cost & High Return: We'll walk you through exactly how many people opened your email, how many clicked through to your website, and which offer performed the best through a Heat Map and what devices people are using. Plus, you'll see for yourself the data & conversions in your Google Analytics account.
  • Full Circle Attribution: Knowing how many people opened your email and clicked through is valuable information, but it's even more valuable when you pair that data with how many of those people completed a lead form and purchased from you. Seeing exactly how your emails translate to sales - that's called a Customer Match Back. You get that with LMi.
Sample Email Blast Reporting - LMi

Automotive Email Strategy Ideas

Example 1:

Promote Great Deals from OEMs like 0% APR for 84 Months and No Payments for up to 120 Days.

Example 2:

Encourage Scheduling Virtual Test Drives via FaceTime and Online Shopping Options.

Example 3:

Pushing Car Delivery Options for Sales and Pick-Up & Drop-Off for Service.

What Are You Waiting For?

LMi's Email Marketing is a Strategy that Can and Will Help Move the Needle, Even During These Uncertain Times.