Email Marketing

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Email marketing to current and prospective clients is still an ideal way to nurture leads and client relationships. We send out emails and updates to new leads that come through as a result of our marketing efforts, which allows us to reach these customers on a regular basis. Additionally, email newsletters to current and former customers can assist you in continuing to optimize these relationships.

Local Marketing, Inc. provides all content, creative and development services for our clients’ email marketing programs. This includes:

  1. Email Compositions: Our creative team creates each email blast in-house, providing best in class design.
  2. Email Content: We write and create the content for each email newsletter, which includes the email body and images, subject lines, and coding. We never send out an email blast without client approval on the content.
  3. Per Email Tracking and Reporting: Just as with every other marketing tactic, we provide reporting on a weekly basis so you can see evidence of your email marketing campaign’s success.

We pride ourselves in staying on top of all technological advances in regards to email marketing; because of this, our emails are consistently optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Email Acquisition for Prospecting

Local Marketing, Inc. also assists with the acquisition of lists of prospective client emails. We put together prospect lists of the most relevant email contacts in your business’ local region. This will include regular email newsletter list maintenance as well as continuous acquisition of new emails.