Client Acquisition

Introducing someone new to your brand is easy. The hard part – and where LMi’s expertise comes into play – is turning that potential buyer or sales lead into a new and loyal customer. With our marketing proficiencies, we can find the customers who are going to convert – and at a price you're willing to pay. We track every dollar to ensure maximum ROI, and we use data to drive the right decisions for your business.

Lead Generation

Local Marketing, Inc. understands the value of a dollar, whether you're putting it toward generating a sales lead, acquiring a new customer, or marketing a new service or product. Let our experts design the right custom plan to fit your goals and your budget...and then let us implement, launch and track that plan to turn your goals into a reality.

Lead Generation Strategy & Implementation

With our market researchers and media strategists, Local Marketing, Inc. can help you generate the right leads in the right way. Target your specific audience on a local or national level using our partnerships, tools and resources. Increase brand awareness while generating quality leads that convert.

Cost per Action Marketing

Let Local Marketing, Inc. work for you. We can get you that new customer or new sales lead to make the difference in your business. Using marketing research, custom-built strategies and advertising expertise, LMI can get you fast results – all within your budget.

Local Acquisition Marketing

Strong local branding is vital for businesses in any industry. A local website and digital marketing and branding strategy gives you advantages over competitors in your regional area who aren’t following this strategy. Our combined digital marketing efforts allow your company to optimize visibility in local markets time and again.

Acquire Clients in your Local Area

When potential customers see that your website contains unique content customized with information about their specific local area, they will feel better about working with you. Clients looking for a local service are usually wary of larger corporations, and you can dispel that initial hesitation through a strong local website that showcases your local work.

Contact LMi to Grow Your Audience Online

You’d be surprised by how many customers are waiting in your company’s back yard. Local Marketing, inc. can help you reach that audience and boost conversions with a localized digital marketing strategy. Contact us for a complimentary digital marketing analysis today!