Ad Marketing

Display advertising campaigns still bring in high ROI when executed properly. By integrating your company’s logo, utilizing geo-targeting, and showing up for relevant keywords, display ads can do wonders for your business’ brand recognition.

We track and report on the entire display ad campaign process, constantly analyzing which content results in the most conversions and optimize from there. We report on where ads are performing the best, tracking ROI on top of the number of clicks and conversions. We also use contextual targeting tools to match your display ads to relevant web pages and audience targeting tools to match ads to your target market.

Mastering Targeting – Matching Ads to Your Core Audience

Context is key; we work hard to make sure that your ads are reaching your target clients. Display ads are available in multiple formats:

  • Text Ads on websites
  • Image Ads on websites
  • Video Ads on websites
  • Ads on mobile websites


Local Marketing, Inc. regularly works with clients to set up Google retargeting campaigns. These allow you to show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile application in the past. People can leave an e-commerce website without buying anything, and retargeting will ensure that they see relevant ads as they browse the web elsewhere.

Retargeting efforts include:

  • Standard retargeting
  • Dynamic retargeting: Shows ads to past visitors with products and services of yours they previously viewed
  • Retargeting for mobile apps
  • Retargeting lists for search ads