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How to Get Your Dealership Through an Inventory Shortage

Empty Car Lot

  Running a dealership during an inventory shortage is like owning a bar during prohibition—it’s not (speak)easy. A shortage in microchips means more dealerships across the country are having trouble stocking their lots with new cars. Local Marketing, Inc., a leading automotive digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, is here to share some strategies your…

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6 Signs You Need to Break Up with Your Website Vendor

6 signs its time to leave website vendor - LMi Atlanta GA - Automotive Digital Marketing

Is Your Website Vendor Limiting Your Dealership Growth? – Local Marketing, Inc. in Atlanta, GA Dealerships face unique challenges when it comes to working with website vendors. OEMs have been known to be strict about which website platforms they deem eligible for co-op funds, with many restricting dealers to just one or two. These restraints…

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