Legal groups have home court advantage. The majority of the time, clients are only looking for legal services and lawyers in their local area. Our main focus is making sure you show up in local searches, so the right clients can find your practice.

One-Stop Shop Marketing for Legal Practices

We utilize a myriad of marketing techniques to ensure that your practice gets found. Natural search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and Google+ marketing guarantee that you rank highly in localized searches. Paid search marketing (SEM) allows your services to appear first when clients need you the most. Whatever your practice needs, we’ll take care of it.

What Sets Your Practice Apart?

We start every legal practice campaign by answering this question: What sets your firm apart?

The way you offer your services is often where key differences are found. Perhaps, you bill by the hour, or maybe, you have a one-time fee. We make sure your website and marketing services clearly state what potential clients will be searching for.

Local Marketing, Inc. ensures your practice is visible for keywords, adgroups, and map results in your local area by implementing a local targeting campaign. The team at LMi is well experienced in the legal field giving our experts the ability to create custom content and paid search ads. Legal practices Local Marketing, Inc. works with include:

  • Personal injury lawyers
  • Medical malpractice attorneys
  • Criminal defense law firms
  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Corporate law firms
  • DUI attorneys

Personal Injury Attorney Case Study

A law firm in Atlanta specializing in catastrophic personal injury cases has been working with Local Marketing, Inc. since 2009. During this time, Local Marketing, Inc. has served as the law firm’s full-service marketing agency, fulfilling all creative and marketing needs, from business card design to paid and natural search strategy and execution.

The Situation

The law firm’s website, originally built as a custom coded project, was becoming outdated, and though the site had a plethora of strong content on the firm’s practice areas, press releases, a blog, and much more content, organic search rankings were remaining steady rather than improving.

Local Marketing, Inc. recommended updating the creative of the website to give it a more modern look and feel, as well as moving the site to a WordPress back-end.

The WordPress back-end would allow the content to be better organized and indexed by search engines, and would give the website a boost in organic search rankings. The firm agreed to the update, and the new site went live in mid-August 2014.


In the nine months since the new site went live, September 2014 – May 2015, organic search traffic increased about 54.63% year over year, resulting in about 800 additional (free) clicks to the website.

Google Organic Search Traffic Analytics


Google Traffic: Increased 53.40%

Bing Traffic: Increased 39.08%

Yahoo Traffic: Increased 126.09%


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