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Most customers perform Internet research before deciding to eat at a restaurant. So how can you be sure they decide that your restaurant is the one?

We work with every aspect of your marketing campaign to ensure you are being found by potential clients. This includes:

  • Beautiful, user-friendly websites
  • Ranking in local search results, including maps results
  • Branding and creative work
  • Paid search marketing (SEM)
  • Positive web review management on search engines like Google and comparative sites like Yelp!

We’ve worked with both single location restaurants and groups with multiple locations, making sure that each location continues to show up in appropriate local searches.

Fine Dining Steakhouse Restaurant Case Study

The Southeastern branch of a fine dining steakhouse restaurant chain started working with Local Marketing, Inc. in July 2014. The Marketing Director for this region was looking for new and innovative ways to increase overall brand awareness and to increase reservation bookings from the website.

The Situation

In order to achieve the goals listed above, Local Marketing, Inc. recommended a localized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. In addition to updating meta data and creating fresh content for the existing website, Local Marketing, Inc. maintained and optimized individual Google My Business (Google +) pages for 11 restaurant locations. Each page was updated 3 times per week—resulting in a total of 132 unique posts per month.

Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between Google My Business (Google +) activity and higher search rankings. Because all Google+ updates are crawled and indexed almost immediately, this strategy offers a clear SEO benefit.


During the initial test period of 6 months, July 2014 – December 2014, organic search traffic doubled year over year.

  • Google Traffic: Increased 215.79%
  • Bing Traffic: Increased 101.77%
  • Yahoo Traffic: Increased 147.49%

Google Organic Search Traffic Analytics

LMi case study steakhouse

LMi case study steakhouse 2

Due to the exponential increase in organic traffic, the fine dining steakhouse franchise saw increases in seated guests in the main dining rooms.

  • November 2014: 27% Increase in Seated Guests
  • December 2014: 62% Increase in Seated Guests

Fine Dining Steak House Seated Guests Results

*This location opened in late November 2014

During the months of November and December 2014, Local Marketing, Inc. primarily focused the strategy on the private dining bookings for holiday parties.

Private Event Spent by Location in Nov. and Dec. 2014 vs. 2013

Fine Dining Restaurant Private Event Spend

*Est. $ Spend/Tables Booked of $2,135 is based on the total amount spent per private dining event divided by the total number of private dining events. This information was provided by the franchise group.

  • Total Number of Inquiries Increased by 125, a 96.8% increase.
  • Total Number of Inquiries Booked Increased by 44, a 95.7% increase.
  • Total Estimated Spend per Table Booked Increased by $93,940*, a 95.7% increase.

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Due to the exponential increase in organic traffic, the fine dining steakhouse franchise saw increases in seated guests, number of inquiries, and inquiries booked. To receive more information on this fine dining steakhouse restaurant, fill out our online form.