Potential customers are already looking for car dealerships and transportation services in their local area. So how do you make sure they find you? Our main focus is making sure you show up in local searches – no matter the iteration – so potential clients know where to find you and what sets you apart.

Why Choose LMi for Automotive Marketing

Local Marketing, Inc. believes in transparency when it comes to marketing. Your dealership owns everything we do for you; including the content we write for your website, the graphics we make and your Paid Search account! Yes, you read that correctly. AND… we don’t take a cut of your paid search spend on Google Ads, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads.

Tools for Successful Automotive Digital Marketing

Local Marketing, Inc. measures success based on results. Our goal is to get you more quality traffic to your dealership website, generate more leads for your sales team, and ultimately help you SELL MORE CARS. Everything we do for you is to make all three of those goals a reality.

Dedicated Account Managers

At Local Marketing, Inc., you get two account managers that you can call, text or email with any questions, help or updates. Your staff doesn’t have to call five different vendors in order to get something fixed — we will handle it all for you. No more waiting on hold with your website provider for an hour or filling out a support ticket with your CRM provider. That is what we are here for!

Weekly Calls and Meetings

You get a weekly call to go over your marketing needs, which allows us to be proactive. Your OEM incentives change throughout the month, and you need a company like LMi that can quickly change direction and jump on new tasks in the most timely manner. It shouldn’t take you 5-7 business days to make a change; your business cannot wait that long!

Weekly, Monthly and Year-over-Year Reporting

You get weekly reporting updates that includes your website numbers combined with sales data, as well as monthly and year-over-year reporting that allows you to look at the big picture. Ongoing reporting helps us be proactive and measure what is working — and what needs to be tweaked.

Integrated Marketing Approach

What does an integrated marketing approach mean? It means we pride ourselves on having GREAT relationships with your other vendors (radio, tv, direct mail, etc.). For example, whatever you are promoting off-line needs to be easily found on your website; otherwise, you are WASTING MONEY — and nobody wants that! We believe in having a consistent message so that no matter how someone hears about your dealership, they quickly and easily get the information they want.

One-Stop Shop Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships

We utilize a myriad of marketing techniques to ensure that your business is found online. Natural search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and Google My Business updates helps you rank more highly in localized searches. Paid search engine marketing (SEM) allows your services to appear first when clients need you the most. Whatever your dealership needs, we’ll take care of it.

Limousine & Transportation Case Study

A Transportation and Limousine Company located in Atlanta, Georgia, works with Local Marketing, Inc. to generate more leads for the business.

Goals & Strategies

Local Marketing, Inc. uses a localized strategy to help bring more qualified clients to this Transportation and Limousine Company. This strategy includes the following:

      • Build strong landing pages, with quality content and strong calls to action to help drive traffic to the website and business.
      • Market the website using a strong SEO campaign.
      • Measure results through increased organic website traffic.


Below is a graph showing the traffic to the Transportation and Limousine Company website generated only from organic search results from January 1, 2015 – April 1, 2015 (blue) compared to the same time frame the previous year (orange).


The year over year comparison of organic traffic shows over 50% increase in all tracked areas.


The data below breaks down user type into two categories: New Visitor and Returning Visitor. Compared to the previous year, New Visitor traffic almost doubled from January 2015 – April 2015, and Returning Visitor traffic increased by nearly 1,000 visitors.


Chevrolet Dealership Case Study

When you choose a company like LMi you are choosing us based on the successes we have with other clients, a referral from someone that has seen what we can do for a dealership they know, based on our pricing but ultimately based on the fact that we will deliver results. There is no secret sauce to what we do. It comes down to hard work, having an amazing marketing team that is in house to do the work, and open & honest communication with our clients. Here is a case study from one of our Chevy clients.

Successful Chevrolet Dealership's digital marketing

Learn More About Auto Marketing with Local Marketing, Inc.

Want to learn more about automotive and transportation marketing services? Call 404-917-2100 or fill out our online form to request more information about this case study, LMi’s auto marketing team and to get a FREE digital marketing analysis (strengths and weaknesses of your business along with recommendations). You can also contact Heidi McIvor, our Director of Automotive Marketing directly at with any questions and to schedule an appointment to talk about how we can help increase your sales and have long term success.