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How to Get Your Dealership Through an Inventory Shortage

  • By lmi2021new
  • August 31, 2021

Running a dealership during an inventory shortage is like owning a bar during prohibition—it’s not (speak)easy. A shortage in microchips means more dealerships across the country are having trouble stocking their lots with new cars. Local Marketing, Inc., a leading automotive digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, is here to share some strategies your dealership can deploy to emerge from the inventory shortage stronger than ever.

Prioritize Buying Cars from Potential Customers

Every vacant spot on your lot is money lost. But that empty patch of asphalt doesn’t have to be occupied by a brand-new vehicle. Buying pre-owned cars from the general public is a great way to replenish your used inventory while getting foot traffic into your store.

In a sellers’ market, you’re bound to find people eager to hand their keys to the highest bidder. These sellers could turn into buyers down the line when they remember the generous offer they received at your dealership.

Don’t stop marketing! That’s the last thing you want to do. Instead, put marketing dollars that would normally go to promoting new vehicles toward trade-in offers. From planning reverse sales events to optimizing your paid search strategy, Local Marketing, Inc. can help flip the script on your dealer-customer relationships!

Promote Service and Parts with Paid Social and Email Marketing

While many dealerships offer service and parts departments, they don’t always emphasize them in marketing efforts. Having fewer cars on your lot presents an opportunity to shift your focus toward these oft-neglected areas.

Whether it’s an email blast or geofencing campaign, running service promotions is a good way to reach a new audience beyond in-market car-shoppers. Or try a combination through our unique Sniper Ads offering.

Thinking of this inventory shortage as a time to diversify your dealership’s customer base could help you thrive long after your lot counts come back to normal. And they will be back to normal soon—so you want to be ready!

Expand Your Audience with Local Keywords in Paid Search and SEO

A shortage of cars does not equal a shortage of customers. Drivers are now having to search far and wide to find new and used vehicles for sale. Rather than searching for a specific make and model, recent behavior shows an increase of searching for dealerships by location. Building out your paid search keywords to include more locations and less spend on make/model ad groups could help you attract customers from a wider radius than normally possible.

Targeting new locations through SEO is also a great way to establish your brand in new places and find new potential customers for sustained growth. Local Marketing, Inc. can help you expand your online presence far beyond your showroom floor!

Contact Local Marketing, Inc. for a Free Digital Analysis

Don’t bludgeon your bottom line by stopping or reducing your marketing efforts! Local Marketing, Inc. is already in the process of helping dealerships through the inventory shortage. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how digital marketing can make a difference for your dealership. Now is the time to think outside the box, test new strategies, and reach new segments of your audience. Local Marketing, Inc. is here to guide you every step of the way.

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