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How Google’s May 2020 Core Update Impacts Car Dealerships

  • By lmi2021new
  • August 31, 2021

While it’s hard to imagine Bob Dylan had an algorithm in mind when he wrote “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, the refrain is proven true by the ever-evolving world of Search Engine Optimization. Google announced its latest core update in May, causing companies to question how their current SEO strategy will hold up during tentative times. With this in mind, Local Marketing, inc. is taking a deeper look at how the automotive industry will be affected by Google’s recent update. And if you need help with your own website’s SEO strategy, contact Local Marketing, Inc. for a free site analysis today.

What a Google Core Update Means For Your Business

SEO is all about relevancy; Google wants to make sure that every time a search is made on its platform that a user ends up on the best website related to his/her query. Google makes core SEO updates a few times a year to better reflect the goals of its users. With each update, comes an added emphasis on the relevance of a website’s content as it relates to a user’s search phrase.

Regardless of the industry, search engine rankings become increasingly volatile after these core updates. Make sure your business is ready to adapt as Google does. If it’s not, let LMi help.

What Does this Mean for the Automotive Industry?

As a car dealership, it’s no longer just enough to have the right inventory—your website also has to serve as a resource to enable customers to make an informed car or truck purchase. The new reality brings with it two vital takeaways:

  • Car shopping is being done online now more than ever
  • Content is King when it comes to automotive SEO marketing

This latest SEO update is a huge opportunity for a dealership to emerge as an industry leader.

How? The right digital marketing strategy.

Making sure your website contains the information shoppers are searching for won’t just generate traffic to your site, it will help you sell vehicles. These extreme circumstances may seem like a temporary necessity but in SEO, relevance is always right.

Here’s how you can dominate your local SEO rankings:

Prioritize SEO Content on Your Dealership Website

Search engines aren’t immune to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s safe to assume this latest core update was heavily informed by the worldwide search for answers regarding the coronavirus. Ensuring your website has pertinent information regarding your industry-specific response to the pandemic could greatly improve your search engine rankings.

The quality of your website content is now more important than ever. When assessing your website’s content strategy, you should always ask,

“What are people searching for right now and how can I stand out as the answer to their inquiry?”.

Answering your customers’ questions related to your dealership and your industry is always going to lead to good content and engagement on your website.

How LMi Can Help Boost Your Dealership’s Search Engine Rankings

Not sure if your dealership’s SEO content is up to par? LMi can help.

For our automotive clients, we craft SEO content with a conversational tone to engage potential customers. We target key geographic locations to establish our clients as the go-to dealership in their area. We enrich our content with precise keywords that generate quality website traffic and conversions to maximize return on investment.

Local Marketing, Inc. will make sure your website provides the best possible online car shopping experience for your customers.

Contact Local Marketing, Inc. for a Free Digital Analysis

It’s hard enough to move your inventory without having to worry about where your dealership ranks in search engine results. That’s where LMi comes in. Offering services like SEO, paid search, social media management, and geofencing, LMi helps dealerships adapt their digital marketing strategy to withstand any update or dilemma.

Curious about how your dealership could improve its SEO to reach more customers? Contact us today for a free digital analysis. We look forward to helping your local dealership build a worldwide presence!

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