Local Marketing In Miami

Looking for a full-service digital agency in the Miami Area?  Local Marketing, Inc. (LMi) can help you bring in the clients you want.  But before you commit to an advertising firm, let’s ask:

Why LMi?

Local Marketing, Inc. has a history of success with clients all throughout South Florida, from legal services to podiatry practices. Everything we do is entirely results-based; if a strategy isn’t working the way we want it to, we modify it to make sure you’re getting the most out of our marketing services.

  • Comprehensive Market Research 

    Before you sign a contract with LMi, we make sure you understand the full benefits of proceeding with our digital marketing services. To this end, we complete analyses of your company’s current website and marketing campaigns as well as those of your top competitors in your local area.

  • Years of Experience in the Location 

    We have extensive experience with clients in the South Florida market; we understand how to market in the area better than anyone. Our campaigns are hyper-specific with targeted content to appeal to consumers and potential clients in the Miami and South Florida regions.

  • Focus on High Conversion Rates 

    No matter which tactics your customized marketing strategy includes, we provide reporting on a weekly basis to make sure visitors to your website are consistently converting to clients. This applies to web traffic from all sources, such as organic search results, paid search marketing, and social media outlets.

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