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Winning the Final Four of Marketing for New and Used Car Dealerships

final four and car dealershipsMarch Madness is a special time of the year when everyone with a pen becomes a basketball savant and “Cinderella” takes on an entirely different meaning.

At Local Marketing Inc., March Madness is the time where we spend a little more time reviewing the best marketing practices for car dealerships.

Continue reading to learn more about the Final Four essentials of marketing for car dealerships.

Keep Score with Analytics

Whether you’re playing basketball or selling used cars in Atlanta, the numbers are everything! Just as you need to know how many customers visit the lot and leave, it’s important to monitor key website metrics, such as:

  • How many people visit your website?
  • How long do visitors stay?
  • What actions do they complete?
  • Where do your guests come from?
  • And other valuable metrics.

When used properly, analytics can provide valuable insights about your potential customer, which will allow you to make your website and dealership’s services more effective.

If you don’t have someone commanding the point on analytics, you’re missing many opportunities to score big. Simply put, operating a website without monitoring analytics is like playing basketball without keeping score.

Car Dealers Must Create an Effective Content Marketing Playbook

The content on your website should be planned and act as the proverbial marketing playbook. Your website should include researched and strategically placed keywords to attract search engine crawlers and more traffic to your website.

Since Google has repeatedly explained “Content is King,” it’s imperative you have a strategic content marketing game plan with an emphasis on localized content. Your content should include everything from vehicle descriptions to information about how to get to your dealership. All of this information should fit on your content calendar or playbook, which will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Score Big with Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

According to Pew Internet Research , a staggering 74{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} or three out of every four adults are engaged on social media networks. With such a mass congregation of your best customers logged into Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, social media is a must-have for car dealership marketing.

Social media places your dealership front and center with potential customers and provides you with an instantaneous way to communicate with them. You can share new promotions, build buzz around the arrival of new car models, and share all of your dealership’s feel-good stories to build an emotional connection and bolster brand loyalty. In order for the benefits of social media to be realized, it must be done properly.

Winning at Dealership Marketing Takes a Team Effort

When it comes to selling new or used cars, your dealership is only as good as your sales team. Your dealership’s marketing efforts are the same: they will only be as good as the marketing team.

All of the successful Fortune 500 companies have an entire staff of dedicated marketing professionals. However, most dealership marketing budgets can’t sustain the salary of a web development team, graphic designer, social media manager, analytics guru, copywriter, and all of the other necessary team members to launch a lucrative marketing campaign.

Fortunately, your dealership doesn’t have to! Local Marketing, Inc. offers access to a full team of experienced and savvy marketing professionals in a highly-cost effective solution.

Contact the LMI Team for Innovative Car Dealership Marketing Solutions

Local Marketing, Inc. is a team of highly skilled and dedicated marketing professionals. Our marketing specialists bring a wealth of professional experiences across a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry. Simply put, we understand your business and want to help bolster your car dealership marketing efforts.

Our clients enjoy increased website traffic, higher quality leads, and a higher closing ratio from those leads. If you are ready to take your game to the next level, trust the experienced marketing team at Local Marketing Inc. to run point guard and guide your dealership to success.

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