Why We Aren’t Panicking Over Google’s Recent Update

On March 12, most of the world went into panic mode when Google announced its most recent core update. This update, as Google has answered, is not a penguin update nor anything that sparked any changes with neural matching. The changes that took place back in March were blanketed, broad updates to hold digital marketers and content creators accountable while continuing to appease its consumers.

And it really isn’t that big of a deal.

So why are we, at Local Marketing, Inc., not in panic mode? Read on to find out.

Google’s Not-So-Big Change

Consumers have expectations for websites like menu items of their favorite restaurant: to be reliably satisfying, engaging, and fresh. Google’s core update now takes those expectations and applies them to a sometimes overlooked website menu item: content quality. Yes, Google has made previous changes to emphasize aspects like content presentation or keywords within content, but this is the first time the quality of a website’s content is being assessed by Google and users alike.

If you’re already supplying your readers satisfying, engaging, and new content, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you’re using shortcuts, loopholes, and other tactics to achieve high search rankings, all while not paying attention to the quality of your content, then you may be leaving a bad taste in a lot of mouths. Chances are your website’s Google search ranking is paying the price.

Maintaining SEO: How You Can Adapt

There is really only one solution to get your website back at the top of the search rankings where it belongs: focus on your content. Your content is anything and everything online that is affiliated with your business and your website. It encompasses everything from blog posts and content pieces to forums and social media, and even customer reviews and press releases. And if that content is poorly written, outdated, or just plain unappealing, consider making some of the following changes:

  1. Revamp how you are creating content. Before you post any content ask yourself these questions: “Is this educational or entertaining for the consumer?” “Am I engaging the consumer in some way?” “Is this unique and original?” If you answered no to any of these, your ranking might be lower than it should be. Remove unnecessary fluff, expand on valuable and educational information, and incorporate multimedia or a way for the consumer to engage with the content.
  2. Give your old content a facelift. Now is the time sift through your website’s old content and apply the above revamping process. Outdated content that’s not informative or interactive to users isn’t doing anything for you SEO-wise. Plus, Google’s recommended SEO strategies are constantly changing, and your old content may no longer be SEO-optimized. With a re-read and a couple of edits, older content can turn from a barrier to a benefit.
  3. Focus on managing your business’s reputation. Remember when we said content can include reviews, forums, or social media posts? That encompasses reviews or testimonials about your business on social media, in forums related to your area(s) of expertise, or on third-party pages like Yelp. Customer reviews affect your business’s reputation not only to your customers but also to Google. Of course, you can’t control the content of your reviews, but you can control and manage your reaction to them. Whether reviews are positive or negative, you should always respond sincerely but professionally. This type of interaction and engagement is what Google likes to see, and Google will reward you for it.

Never Let Google See You Panic Again

Monitoring and adapting to Google’s ever-changing algorithms can seem daunting and time-consuming, but your business is worth it. An easy way to stay one step ahead of Google and never go into panic mode again is to work with a professional digital marketing company.

Local Marketing, Inc. specializes in fresh, localized approaches to digital marketing. From content creation and SEO to reputation management, we offer customized strategies to maximize sales and unite you with those searching for your services or products. We are recognized as a top Digital Marketing Agency.

If you’re ready to never worry about Google’s updates again, fill out our online form or call 404-917-2100.




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