Marketing to Millennials

Unraveling the Mystery of Millennial Marketing

As a millennial of the senior variety, nothing frustrates me more than hearing marketers place all millennials in the same bucket. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a uniform product willing to succumb to a singular marketing strategy.

If brands are interested in tapping into the staggering $2.45 trillion-dollar spending power of my generation, it’s time to get to know us better.

Who Are Millenials?Marketing to Millenials

The simplest definition of a millennial is anyone reaching or nearing young adulthood around the turn of the 21st
century. Millennials – also known as Generation Y and the Net Generation –  are the cohort of people born between a specific range of dates, which may vary based on who you’re asking.

The authors of the 1991 book Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, Neil Howe and William Strauss, are typically credited with coining the term “Millennial.” They describe millennials as the group born between 1982 and 2004. However, this isn’t the only suggested range of dates for millennials.

Although the discrepancy in dates may be a source of confusion, the problem with marketing to millennials is much more intricate.

Ditch the One-Size-Fit-All Strategy: Individual Millennials

Many classifications egregiously lump all millennials together in one demographically homogeneous category. If your marketing efforts fall into this group, you are doing it wrong. In reality, there are several subgroups within the millennial generation.

The Traditionalist Millennial 

The Traditionalist Millennial craves stability and doesn’t want to deviate too far from the norm. These guys and gals are the ones who will save, settle down, get a house, and buy a car on a strict timeline.

The Dreamer Millennial 

The Dreamer Millennial looks to fulfill the ever-elusive purpose of life. Dreamers are idealists and continually search for the meaning of life. Members of this group are more likely to “follow their bliss.”

The Achiever Millennial

Achiever Millennials are highly accomplished people with a trophy-case full of accolades and achievements. They need constant growth, challenges, and are commonly driven by status.

Millennial Experience Maximizer 

The Millennial Experience Maximizer has relentless curiosity about the world and thrives on gaining as much knowledge as possible. Whether it’s accumulating a unique set of skills or traveling around the world, these millennials are always in search of their next big adventure.

Relational Devotee Millennial 

Relational Devotee Millennials hold relationships with partners, friends, and family over everything else. They gain the greatest fulfillment from establishing strong connections and must feel connected to their community or to another person.

Speak the Millennial Language with Local Marketing, Inc. 

When it comes to marketing to Millennials, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Although there are a few guidelines, it’s important your marketing strategy is designed to speak directly to your target millennial audience.

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