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The Turtle Wins the Race: The Long Term Benefits of Content Marketing

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Content marketing benefits businesses of all sizes; once a less popular method of marketing, content marketing is on the rise among industries everywhere. Content marketing takes time to reach various audiences, but its effects are long-lasting.

Because content is published online, it is considered “evergreen content”, meaning it will last indefinitely. Content that is time sensitive can always be edited later, but it is important that most topics remain relevant throughout the year.

Content that effectively targets and interests an audience will encourage email signups and provide contact information for potential clients. This can be used to achieve greater engagement with your audience.

Business owners no longer need to rely on flashy, fluctuating advertisements; content that is delivered to the customer basis in active blogs, videos, or social media posts with external links are a great way for companies to capitalize on google organic results and increased readership. This captures the attention of a business’s audience for a greatly reduced cost.

Consistent Results That Are Cost-Effective

The more a business contributes to their content, the more they enhance their brand image and increase sales. Each piece of new content will generate new traffic, and when pieces are authoritative it can build the reputation of a company. Strong content is shown to receive three times as many leads than traditional marketing methods like paid search.

Content marketing techniques cost significantly less than traditional methods. Paid search strategies have their advantages, but they require constant funding. Content will never stop generating leads and will continue to enhance SEO rankings, which is a great value for a one-time investment.

Content marketing also appeals to those who follow you on social media. Not only do followers choose to monitor your company, they want to stay in-the-know with your most recent updates. When someone shares one of your social media posts, it’s not only free, but it widens your page’s reach. Additionally, promoting posts on Facebook will also increase the reach of a company as well as recognition.

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