You Know Your Brand, But Do Your Customers?

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Every business owner, CEO, and entrepreneur knows why their business is different as well as their strong points and why their customers love working with them. If we were to take any given company and ask around to find out the main reasons it’s more successful than its competitors, exactly three factions would be able…

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4 Steps to Improve Inbound Marketing for Medical Practices

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No matter what kind of medical practice you’re running, there’s one thing you can’t operate without: patients. In the midst of the Information Age, the landscape for healthcare practitioners looks very different from the days of referral-based business. With a quick poke around the Internet, potential clients can read reviews for your practice right alongside…

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Local Marketing, Inc. Nominated for Most Effective Local Marketing Campaign in Georgia

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Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association Recognizes Local Marketing, Inc. with 2011 Award Nomination ATLANTA, GA (April 15, 2011) – Local Marketing, Inc., a full-service marketing, creative and IT firm based in Atlanta, announced today it is a finalist in the 2011 Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) Awards. Local Marketing, Inc. received the AiMA nomination in the…

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