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Local Marketing, Inc. Visits Team Building with Taste

This month’s outing for the Local Marketing, Inc. team was one reminiscent of many of our favorite shows: Chopped, Iron Chef, and Cutthroat Kitchen.


Atlanta and Dallas Digital Marketing Agency Team Building

For our visit to Team Building with Taste, we donned aprons and took up paring knives to face off for first place. This culinary competition was all in the name of team building, and we witnessed firsthand how it helped our digital marketing team bond and collaborate.

Local Marketing, Inc. is Atlanta’s premier full-service digital marketing agency. Read on to learn how Team Building with Taste helped us develop our professional relationships and skills.


Our Team Building Objective

When we arrived to Team Building with Taste’s commercial kitchen and private dining room, we were separated into three teams. Each team consisted of employees who don’t work together regularly to offer an opportunity for them to interact with each other in a fun setting.

Atlanta & Dallas Team Building Company for Digital Marketing Agencies

Everyone had a chance to settle in with drinks and an appetizer before the three teams headed to the kitchen to cook up a full four-course meal in only an hour’s time.

Teams began by creating their own names, which wound up being:

  • Butter
  • Burro
  • 3 Men & a Hen

We were judged 50{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} on taste, 25{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} on presentation, and 25{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} on plating. The winners walked away with a cookbook filled with the favorite recipes of some of Atlanta’s top chefs, and the losers received “The Can’t Cook Book.”


Our Culinary Team Building Menu

Local Marketing, Inc. was presented with a delicious Bistro-style menu prepared by the master chefs at Team Building with Taste.

The menu included:

  • Grilled Cornish Game Hens with Apricot Pepper Glaze
  • Mushroom Risotto with Leeks
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Cauliflower & Carrots
  • Grilled Garlic Bread

A flourless chocolate cake was provided for dessert by Team Building with Taste.


Our Team Building Challenges

While it seems difficult enough to cook and plate a four-course meal with teams of mostly inexperienced cooks, the challenges didn’t stop there.

Just like Chopped and Iron Chef, we were thrown curveball after curveball. First, we were given the unusual ingredients of Chick-fil-a condiments, which we had to incorporate into our meal somehow.

Next, one person was pulled away from each team for five minutes in the middle of preparing their dish! Other team members had to regroup their efforts to make up for these absences.

Atlanta & Dallas Professional Team Building Company

As part of our time constraints, we also had to prepare a clever presentation to wow the judges!

Luckily, hard plastic wine glasses allowed us to bring our drinks with us into the kitchen.


Our Team Building Results

Despite our different approaches to teamwork, each team succeeded in cooking and plating their full-course meals.

Some teams found that dividing and conquering the individual dishes worked best for them while other teams had multiple members collaborate on each dish.

Regardless of the method each team used to complete their meal, the food came out beautifully.

Team Building for Marketers

When it came to present the meals, the teams also had wildly different strategies. Butter’s plating was outrageous and fun all at once. 3 Men & a Hen presented a strong sales pitch.

Ultimately, Burro won as one of their team members portrayed the Swedish Chef a la The Muppets.


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