I want to be Krazy Glue

I Want to Be Krazy Glue

Have you ever been in the market for a specific product and as soon as you officially enter into the “sales cycle” it seems like advertisements and articles start jumping out at you and other people seem to be enjoying the same product EVERYWHERE?!? Well, that happened to me when I was working on a blog about the power of collaboration. The next week I read an article from www.entrepreneur.com about “Forget Networking. How to be a Connector.”

Networking…Collaborating…Connecting… what’s the difference? In my mind, the levels of Collaboration vary like the difference between Elmers Glue and Krazy Glue.  Elmers Glue can be great for smaller projects, but when you are working on bigger events and bigger projects, you need to reach outside of your comfort zone to the players in your marketplace that have the resources to make it happen! And if you are a big player in your marketplace – listen up… WE NEED YOU! You have the ability to help make the magic happen! This is the difference between networking and being a connector.

The article in entrepreneur.com stated, “We all know people like them, people who seem to know everyone.  They’re always able to help – or if they can’t, they know someone who can.”  That’s a connector. What’s so great about being a connector?  Connectors are seen as a resource because they truly have many interests and like to use their connections and resources to make the impossible possible.  Who wouldn’t want to be seen as a resource and help people and make the impossible, possible? I do!

How Being a Connector is Good for Business

Where do I sign up??? The reality part of the glitz and glamour that I now picture connectors to be, is that a connector does all of this even when there is no obvious or immediate payback.  I know this can be tough to justify for some businesses and individuals but trust me, when you pay it forward and get involved, it’s worth it! There is a variety of organizations, non-profits, and event committees that need your help; you or your employees always have either time or money to help.  And if you don’t have either… just be a “connector”.

From my personal experiences, I can truly say that I love being a connector. I may still be in the early stages, but I am driven to make a difference.  I thrive off of helping out, and I know that with my knowledge, my work experience,  and my many passions, I have helped to make numerous events and organizations within my community even better.  As a bonus, I am starting to make a name for myself which has built my credibility.  I want to make a difference in a big way; I know I am not Krazy Glue just yet – but I will be one day…and you can too!

Written By: Heidi McIvor-Allen, Director of Automotive Marketing at LMi


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