Voice Search SEO

Say It Ain’t So! How Voice Search is Changing SEO

Voice Search SEO

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, it’s hard enough to anticipate what your potential customers may be typing into a search engine—now companies looking to gain an edge in the proverbial pecking order must account for Voice Search. The differences between traditional type and voice-only search may seem negligible, but imagine scavenging for a new dog groomer without scrolling through a single webpage. You’ve got to adapt your SEO strategy to match the market in voice search.

The Purpose of Voice Search

It’s important to recognize why people utilize voice search technology when optimizing your website for the latest revolution in search engine technology. The simplest answer to this existential question is convenience. People speaking to their iPhone or Amazon Alexa are often doing so for instant gratification, finding the closest dry cleaner or obscure sports statistic without ever clicking a link. With this in mind, it behooves businesses to make their websites as digestible as possible—think Wonder Bread with the crust cut off.

The Search for Change

Statistics abound about just how much of an increasing impact voice search is having on the online economy. Global research firm, Gartner predicted that 30% of web browsing will be conducted without a screen by 2020. This depletion of scrolling means websites must rely less on clickable visual cues and more on precise keywords.

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Putting Your Voice in the Search

Gone are the days of cramming a webpage to its maximum keyword capacity. Since the advent of voice search and the Internet’s ever-evolving onslaught of algorithms, companies are now better off making their web copy sound as conversational as possible. With the general population warming up to the idea of talking to our devices, it’s best to be approachable online.

Thinking Locally on The World Wide Web

We’ve all been there—famished at the end of a long day and weary of another trip through the drive-through line at a ubiquitous fast-food restaurant. What do we do? We search Food Near Me. With voice search rising to prominence, it’s become more beneficial than ever to emphasize your business’ location to stick out in the crowd.

In the Fast Lane on the Information Superhighway

In order to give your prospective patrons the quick solutions they covet, you have to make sure your website is keeping up with the flow of traffic. Making sure your site is fast and mobile-friendly goes a long way in ensuring you’re not getting lost in the shuffle.

You Say You Want a Revolution

Voice Search SEO

Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or a local car wash, you’re going to witness the impact of voice search’s increasing popularity. Businesses that fail to adapt to this shift in SEO strategy risk going the way of the digital dodo bird. In the past, companies could depend on customers stumbling onto their site by way of a clumsy algorithm or extensive scrolling quest—but those days are over. With a world’s worth of information becoming easier and easier to access, it’s important to make sure your voice rises above the rest.

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