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How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business During the Coronavirus Crisis

As news of the Coronavirus spreads across the country, we’re being forced to face a reality where streets have no people and stores have no customers. Unless you sell frozen food or toilet paper, you may be wondering how your business can endure these increasingly difficult conditions. Luckily, digital marketing can help you reach your customers in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Local Marketing, Inc. is here to help! Learn how to finetune your online marketing strategy to ensure your company and your customers get through the Coronavirus crisis together.

Social Media and Social Distancing Done the Right Way

Now more than ever, people are relying on the internet to connect with the outside world. Sequestered citizens are scrolling through their newsfeeds to stay up-to-date on the virus and see how their friends are spending their quarantine time. With this influx of traffic comes an opportunity to inform your audience of how your business is handling the Coronavirus outbreak.

Safety First then Teamwork

Have you implemented new protocol to keep your employees and customers safe? Posting on social platforms about how you’re sanitizing your facilities and offering online shopping can help your business run smoothly.

Above all, you can use social media to let your customers know that you are here for them during these times of uncertainty and isolation. Now is the time to humanize your message to your community.

LMi Can Help You Connect with Customers Online

Local Marketing, inc. is helping our clients deliver their message to new customers by crafting posts across a breadth of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We’ll let your audience know you’re thinking of them and doing everything in your power to protect your community. Now is your opportunity to serve as a source of comfort for your customers. With our precise digital marketing strategies, your company’s voice can cut through the crisis.

Adapting to an Online-Only Economy

While social media is a great way to reach your customers, you may also have to adapt your services to fit the ever-evolving demands of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Does your car dealership have an empty showroom? Offering ‘Buy Online’ and ‘At-Home Test Drive’ services will let your customers conduct their shopping with peace of mind. They may even be more eager to spice up their quarantine routine with a new car purchase.

Are you worried about your restaurant staying afloat? Promoting carryout deals is a great way to entice hungry customers.

Remember, people are yearning for simple pleasures during these lonely days. Making sure your business is ready to provide them is important. Letting your customer know you’re there for them is essential.

Contact Local Marketing, inc. to Prepare Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As we distance ourselves from each other physically, we’ve got to work collectively to get through this global pandemic. Building your online presence, reaching out to your community on social media, and fulfilling your customers’ demands remotely are just a few measures to help your business navigate this chaotic climate. Services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (SEM), and email marketing are also vital to a post-Corona marketing strategy.

With a vast and varied list of clientele, Local Marketing, inc. is uniquely suited to help your company flourish during these uncertain economic times. Curious about how your digital marketing methods will fare during the coronavirus crisis? Contact us today for a free digital analysis.

We will get through this together, even if we have to be apart!

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