The Latest Google Update and How It Could Affect You

Google Core Updates – What You Need To Know

Insight from Heidi McIvor-Allen, Director of Automotive Marketing on Google Updates

The Latest Google Update and How It Could Affect You

The big thing… Google does updates all the time. They do “CORE” algorithm updates about twice a year. Last year, there were some major updates that happened and a few of them got reverted. For example, the optimal character count for meta descriptions went from 180 characters to 300 characters, then dropped back down to around 160.

The reason for Google updates is that people, businesses and websites are always trying to “cheat” the system—finding loopholes to get their websites to rank on the first page and in the top position. Because of that, Google constantly changes algorithms so that spam websites don’t rank higher than websites that have the real information that a Google user wants.

SEO experts like ourselves must stay up to date on these trends so that we can make tweaks to content, metadata, how we structure and write content, and more, so that our client websites stay compliant with what Google wants. Google has a 200-point checklist detailing how it ranks websites. Every time a site follows these “rules,” it has the potential to increase in ranking; and likewise, every time a rule is broken, the ranking will fall.

It’s essential to monitor your website and Google best practices to make sure your ranking isn’t taking unnecessary hits. When was the last time you or someone else wrote local, unique content for your website that was conversational, factual, and relevant?

Remember: Google has built its reputation and public trust by getting the web wanderer to his or her ultimate destination as quickly as possible. If Google fails to do that, people may start using another search engine, and we’ll be forced to adapt to an entirely new set of rules.

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