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Drive Engagement for Mother’s Day with User-Generated Content

Mother's Day MarketingEvery second Sunday in May, you will find hurried last minute shoppers searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Businesses, however, do not have the luxury of waiting until the last minute to begin Mother’s Day marketing initiatives.

While Mother’s Day promotions may attract more customers, inspiring customers to share user-generated content (UGC) offers exponentially more benefits in the long run. Continue reading to learn more about how to leverage user-generated content to promote your brand on Mother’s Day.

What Is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is content created by customers or unpaid contributors, including reviews, tweets, videos, pictures, pins, and testimonials. In most instances, user-generated content is collected and shared on social media networks.

According to a Nielsen study, 92{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} of consumers trust online content generated by family members and friends more than any other type of messaging. After friends and family members, consumers are more inclined to trust strangers over content from the brand.

User-Generated Content: A Trending Topic for Mother’s Day

User-generated content is increasingly dominating the web. Mary Meeker, partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, explained at the Code Conference that Wattpad stories and AirBnB reviews are both up 140{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87}, and Pinterest pin creation is up 75{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87}. With such a massive increase in the amount of user-generated content circulating the web, you can use this phenomenon to bolster your brand on Mother’s Day.

Launch a Mother’s Day Hashtag Contest

Hashtags are used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to organize content around specific topics or to gather feedback. Create a branded Mother’s Day hashtag contest and invite users to share their favorite images, posts, or videos of their mom.

With a branded hashtag, you will be able to quickly identify posts associated with the contest. The contest will give you access to valuable user-generated content that can be used on your website and other channels.

Create a Pinterest Mother’s Day Board

Pinterest pins are visually compelling, highly engaging, and easily shared with others who share similar interests. When user-generated content is coupled with a Mother’s Day Pinterest contest, you will have a large selection of content to repurpose and recycle in your email marketing or content marketing strategy.

Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, your campaign can result in a wealth of pins and content you can continue to use moving forward.

Mother’s Day + UGC + Local Marketing, Inc. = A Formula for Success

Collecting and distributing user-generated content for Mother’s Day is a cost-effective way to increase engagement. It will connect your brand to the powerful nostalgic feelings associated with motherly love.

The professionals at Local Marketing Inc. will help you collect valuable user-generated content and distribute it in the proper channels for optimum results. We specialize in a wide array of industries, including:

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