Pint of beer sitting on a wooden table

Celebrating LMi Team Successes on "Projects and Pints" Fridays!

Every tradition has to start somewhere, and we are very excited at LMi to begin a new tradition of gathering to celebrate team successes with our “Projects and Pints” Friday afternoon meetings. Every other Friday afternoon, the LMi team will come together to catch up on project developments, website launches, new clients, and all of the small victories in between.


These Friday unwind-sessions will be a great way for the whole team to get together and bond across “department lines.” Although the creatives have a theory that the development team is speaking an alien language Monday through Thursday (“cat xargs,” “sql wizardry,” “paamayim nekudotayim,” anyone?), they’ve found that the nearness of the weekend and a pint can help them share a common language on Friday afternoons.


We are thrilled to kick off this new company tradition, and we can’t wait to enjoy many more of these Friday afternoons to come!


-The LMi Team


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