a day made of glass

A Day Made of Glass

I came across these YouTube videos back in 2011 (with around 32 Million Views) and every time I watch them, they not only inspire me but they get me excited for what the future holds. Technology has changed more in the past 15 years than it did the previous 50 years (in my opinion). How has technology changed the way you do business and live? Check out these videos and if you would ever like to have a Free Brainstorming Session with our talented team and talk about how we can get you ready for the next BIG thing, we’d love to meet with you. Local Marketing, Inc also provides a complimentary digital analysis to look at your current digital marketing and we can make recommendations on what you can continue to do, to remain relevant online. Get ready to be inspired!

A Day Made of Glass PART 1 (26 Million + Views)


A Day Made of Glass PART 2 (6 Million + Views)


View more videos from Corning Incorporated here:https://www.youtube.com/user/CorningIncorporated


This Blog Post was Compiled by Heidi McIvor-Allen, Director of Automotive Marketing


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