6 Signs You Need to Break Up with Your Website Vendor

6 signs its time to leave website vendor - LMi Atlanta GA - Automotive Digital Marketing

Is Your Website Vendor Limiting Your Dealership Growth? – Local Marketing, Inc. in Atlanta, GA Dealerships face unique challenges when it comes to working with website vendors. OEMs have been known to be strict about which website platforms they deem eligible for co-op funds, with many restricting dealers to just one or two. These restraints…

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Bell & Bell Buick GMC 90 Day Testimonial – September 2019

Bell & Bell Buick GMC Review of Local Marketing Inc in Atlanta GA

Written on September 6th, 2019 “When changing marketing companies, it creates a lot of anxiety trying to interview with prospective companies, and hoping you make the right decision when you make a change. We interviewed a number of companies but decided to meet personally with Local Marketing Inc. or LMi as they call themselves. We…

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March 2019 Google Core Update – What You Need To Know

Insight from Heidi McIvor-Allen, Director of Automotive Marketing on this Google Update The big thing… Google does updates all the time. They do “CORE” algorithm updates about 2x a year. Last year there were some major updates that happened and a few of them got reverted. Ex: Character count for meta descriptions went up from…

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Why We Aren’t Panicking Over Google’s Recent Update

On March 12, most of the world went into panic mode when Google announced its most recent core update. This update, as Google has answered, is not a penguin update nor anything that sparked any changes with neural matching. The changes that took place back in March were blanketed, broad updates to hold digital marketers…

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New Google Ads Update That Could Change Your Ad Game

Digital marketers know how we live and breathe by Google Ads. After all, over 2 million searches per minute mean millions of opportunities for our precious ads to reach eyeballs. And so far, Google has done a decent job of providing a user-friendly platform to manage those ads, having just released a re-brand of Google…

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I Want to Be Krazy Glue

I want to be Krazy Glue

Have you ever been in the market for a specific product and as soon as you officially enter into the “sales cycle” it seems like advertisements and articles start jumping out at you and other people seem to be enjoying the same product EVERYWHERE?!? Well, that happened to me when I was working on a…

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A Day Made of Glass

a day made of glass

I came across these YouTube videos back in 2011 (with around 32 Million Views) and every time I watch them, they not only inspire me but they get me excited for what the future holds. Technology has changed more in the past 15 years than it did the previous 50 years (in my opinion). How has…

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Unraveling the Mystery of Millennial Marketing

Marketing to Millennials

As a millennial of the senior variety, nothing frustrates me more than hearing marketers place all millennials in the same bucket. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a uniform product willing to succumb to a singular marketing strategy. If brands are interested in tapping into the staggering $2.45 trillion-dollar spending power of my generation,…

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