SEO and Content for Car Dealerships in Atlanta

Organic search is a powerful tool and should be the quintessential building block of your marketing strategy. SEO is vital to brand visibility, by implementing the use of keywords that potential customers are using in their organic searches, SEO makes it easier for them to “stumble” onto your website. Each day, millions of automotive customers rely on organic search results to assist them in their car buying decision. Your best customer is in your backyard – are they able to find your dealership in a search engine query?

Every minute, millions of people are searching on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines for term after term, from “kitten playing piano” to “best lawn mowers.” Whatever term they search, the search engine’s bots are combing through (or indexing) all of the material on the internet to find the very best results. This indexing is what prevents you from getting chocolate cake recipes when you search for “chocolate labs.”

Maintaining excellent Search Engine Optimization on your website is crucial for closing sales. The SEO close rate is more than 8 times higher than direct mail and print ads, because content is being seen by more potential customers. Ranking well on search engine results pages can easily boost your business’s leads and sales. With well-developed SEO businesses can significantly improve their website’s online visibility and ability to rank within the first page of Google’s search results for related keywords.

When the bots have finished combing the internet, they’ll rank their findings and put the most relevant web pages at the top of the search results. So, if you search for “auto dealership” you’re going to get the best-rated auto dealership with a user-friendly site full of relevant content at the top of your list. Search engines, like Google, essentially do the digging for consumers. Rather than sorting through a bunch of junk mail to find the one relevant ad, consumers can turn to the internet, type in what they’re looking for and it will show up right in front of their eyes. With the help of search engines, your business can rank higher on search results pages, therefore leading to more conversions.

Dominate the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) & Generate More Sales

It’s a fact – your customers use search engines, and 70{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} of consumers trust and rely on organic search results. When it comes to local search, it’s vital for your dealership to have a high rank in the search engine results. While the first spot on a SERP receives 53{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} of the organic traffic, 75{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} of users never make it past the first page.

Achieve optimum position and enjoy a higher quality of leads with Local Marketing Inc. By exclusively working with dealerships, we use our years of experience and industry expertise to catapult your dealership to the front of the line. Improve your dealership’s digital visibility and dominate the SERP with Local Marketing Inc.

Close More Leads with Local Search Engine Optimization

With an effective SEO campaign, your dealership will close more leads. While direct mail and print ads only close at a lowly 1.7{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} rate, SEO leads close exponentially higher at 14.6{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87}. Attract higher quality leads and close more of them with effective SEO from LMI.

LMI’s SEO and Content Strategy for Automotive Services

Local Marketing Inc. is a leading automotive marketing firm that can help your dealership move from obscurity to a coveted position on the SERP. Instead of focusing on the entire World Wide Web, we have a hyper-focus on attracting those most likely to make a purchase today – your local customer.

Google processes 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. 70{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} of consumers researching cars turn to search engines first. 41{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} of car-related queries occur on desktop; this compared to 52{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} on smartphones, and 7{4e2a458873ccecbcf75e7a2e4192a051d1b2986df79424d6062e5f6a1b7efd87} on tablets. As mobile searches continue to flourish and search engines gain a better understanding of semantics, Google will increasingly show more local results for non-specific dealership and vehicle search terms.

At Local Marketing Inc., we specialize in developing targeted local SEO strategies. Our automotive marketing experts take a collaborative approach for optimizing your website, profiles, listings, and directories to ensure your dealership gains higher search rankings for local based or geo-targeted searches.

We also target the areas around your car dealership that you would like to attract more customers from so that search engines know that you’re the top auto dealer in your specified region/area/county/etc.

User-Friendly Content That Customers – And Search Engines – Love

Because Google and other search engines like content-heavy, relevant webpages, we work hard to beef up your company website with tons of useful content that’s jammed full of the right keywords and key phrases. We optimize your content by researching what people are looking for when they search for car dealerships and incorporate that into your content.

We also make sure to bring you well-written content on a regular basis. Search engines want to see content that is regularly updated and well-written so that it’s most relevant to your next satisfied car buyer. We create content for all different forms, from blogs to product descriptions.

Other SEO Friendly Services We Provide for Auto Dealers

While great content is crucial to our strategy, we also make sure we look at the full picture from claiming your address with Google Maps to setting you up a Google+ account. With the increasing reliance on mobile phones today, we want to ensure that all your potential customers looking for their next vehicle can find you on a Google Search of their area.

Anytime someone conducts a local search, they’re most likely searching for your physical location or searching for a particular vehicle. Ensure your dealership is in the optimum position to capture the searcher’s attention with Local Marketing Inc.

To find out more about what we can do for your auto dealership’s SEO and content game, call us at 404-917-2100 or contact us online.