Paid Search for Automotive Businesses

Ensure your dealership stands out from the crowd with hyper-targeted paid advertising from Local Marketing Inc. By using highly-targeted, cost-effective strategies, our automotive marketing specialists deliver more qualified leads that results in more sales at a lower cost.

In fact, our average click through rate for dealer ads is over 300% higher than the industry average. We have knowledge, expertise, and experience you need to not only have your ads seen by customers – but also turn them into returning lifelong customers.

Making the Most of a Dealership’s Online Ad Budget

Many other automotive marketing companies simply plug your name into a template campaign and then let it run. This means you are bidding on the exact same terms as all of your local competition. This can drive up your costs significantly, or put your ads at the bottom of the page where no one will see them.

Plus, if they charge a percentage of your budget, that means that when you spend more they make more. How can you feel confident in them making the best use of your funds when they profit from recommending higher spend?

When you do paid search through Local Marketing Inc., we take the time to build you custom paid search campaigns that set your business apart from the other dealerships in your area. We also charge a flat rate for building and monitoring your campaigns no matter how much you spend, meaning you can be confident that we are always acting in your dealership’s best interest.

  • A few of the top paid advertising strategies we use for dealerships include:
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign helps keep your dealership in a visible position in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).
  • Call Extensions keep your phones ringing and increase clickthrough rates with unique, trackable lines.
  • Location Extensions drive customers from search engines to your physical location.
  • Conversion Tracking provides insight into when the customer takes certain actions.
  • Display Network Advertising influences customers who are in the market.
  • Remarketing/Retargeting builds dealership loyalty and increases returning customers

Long-Tail Approach to Car Dealership Paid Search

To combat high costs on popular keywords that can be very expensive, we take a different, labor-intensive, results-driven and underutilized approach that really targets the customers you want for your car dealership. With paid search, you always want to think about the end user. What will they type in to a search engine when looking for a car dealership? They might type in “car dealership” and get big sites like Carvana or Toyota, but it won’t point them to a dealer in their area. More likely, people will type in “used cars in Kennesaw,” “car dealership Atlanta,” or “Toyota dealerships in GA.”

That’s why we take a long-tail approach. We don’t aim for the super costly buzzwords for your industry. We think about your audience and your location and create long-tail phrases that we see users searching for. By using localizers and this targeted approach, you’ll receive more qualified leads ending in real customers, rather than a huge reach with very little conversion.

Collect More Calls & Sales with PPC Optimized for Mobile

Our automotive pay-per-click experts consider the mobile experience in all facets of your digital marketing campaign. We understand that 40% of all automotive searches originate from mobile devices, and 78% of those searches result in offline purchases.

Our automotive PPC experts also understand that anywhere from 6% to 8% of mobile users are more inclined to click on a PPC ad if it contains a phone number. Over half of the people who click on PPC ads will call your dealership. When they do, these automotive pay-per-click phone leads are three more times likely to convert into sales.

We utilize hyper-focused mobile strategies to help your dealership answer the call from mobile opportunity. By including Call and Location Extensions, Local Marketing Inc. removes distractions and makes calling and finding your dealership as effortless as possible.

Making Paid Search Work for Your Auto Dealership

Currently, 55% of automotive dealerships use search engine marketing to drive foot traffic. If your digital marketing initiatives do not include paid advertising, you may be missing a massive opportunity for growth.

At LMI, we’re passionate about helping you get in front of the right prospective clients because we know that as long as you have qualified leads, you’ll be able to close the deal.

To talk to us more about getting your name out without breaking the bank, call our team at 404-917-2100 or fill out our simple contact form.