Online Display Ads for Car and Auto Dealerships

Unlike any other type of advertising technology, strategically placed display ads drive customer demand. The experts at Local Marketing Inc., use data-driven metrics to create impactful and compliant automotive display ads. Our goal is to deliver digital marketing solutions that drive customers from their favorite websites to your showroom. Below is an example of a display ad the LMi team created for a local dealership, promising the best priced vehicles, which generated clicks and ultimately customers.

Expanded text ads are used to grab the attention of customers through a few words and are shown on search engine results pages. Whether they are looking for a specific location or car brand, expanded text ads offer searchers a way to quickly find what they are looking for. See below for an example that our team created and how they are displayed on a desktop and mobile device.

Attract Customers with Personalized Automotive Display Ads

Display ads are unique advertisements with eye-catching illustrations or media. Instead of broadcasting generic ads to a general audience, we customize and personalize the media to speak to a specific audience.

We also target the areas where your customers spend the most time, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Gmail. By focusing on specific areas and delivering highly personalized display ads, we’ve found that customers are 56% more likely to make a purchase.

Upward Mobility of Local Marketing Inc.’s Automotive Display Ads

Today, approximately 87% of Internet users own smartphones, and 9 new mobile users are added every second. The automotive experts at Local Marketing Inc. tap into the market of potential car buyers by delivering automotive display ads across all devices including tablets and smartphones.

We engineer our display ads to support a wide range of technologies, including HTML5. This robust versatility allows your display ads to appear flawlessly on a growing number of mobile devices.

Go Dynamic with Rich Media & Video Display Ads

By 2019, 85% of the Internet traffic in the United States will be video driven. As a result, we have incorporated visually appealing video ads with audio and other advanced features. Our automotive marketing specialists use rich media display ads to elicit the strongest user response.

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Implementing automotive display ads is an excellent way to target new audiences. At Local Marketing Inc., we create visually appealing display ads to increase website visits, deliver more qualified leads, and bolster foot traffic.

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