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Jewels Griffith

Junior Project Manager Jewels has always wanted to be a Disney princess but doesn’t meet the height requirements and decided working at LMi was the next best thing. She enjoys playing soccer, kickboxing, and watching SpongeBob. She’s been blessed with the courage of Sandy Cheeks, the wisdom of Squidward Tentacles, and the business acumen of…

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Shawna LeBlanc

Inside Sales Representative Born and raised in small-town Massachusetts, Shawna studied computer and information sciences. She moved to North Carolina in 2011 where she fell in love with the South. She is a single mother of 3 young boys—Chase, Damien, and Lucas. In addition to spending time with her sons, Shawna loves bunnies and baking…

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Say It Ain’t So! How Voice Search is Changing SEO

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, it’s hard enough to anticipate what your potential customers may be typing into a search engine—now companies looking to gain an edge in the proverbial pecking order must account for Voice Search. The differences between traditional type and voice-only search may seem negligible, but imagine scavenging for…

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Ava Prestipino

Regional Sales Manager Ava is an Automotive Digital Sales Specialist with over eighteen years of experience in both corners of the East Coast, from New York to South Florida. She’s an avid golf enthusiast who loves fine wine and spending time with her dogs. Her first car was a used yellow Opel GT.

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Fitz McIvor Allen

Rounded picture of official office dog Fitz holding an LMi coozy

Mood Lifter / Break Master / Office Dog If you have ever worked for a company that allows you to bring your pets into the office, you know why we LOVE having Fitz — aka Mr. President, aka the Fitzer — here at LMi. When Fitz first arrives to the office with his mom, Heidi, he…

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Frank The Tank

CFO: Chief Fetch Officer You read that right, his name is actually Frank the Tank! When he first arrives with his mom, he runs through the office, sprinting down every hallway to greet all his coworkers with lots of love and excitement. Don’t be surprised to see Frank jumping, playing fetch and providing everyone at…

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Chief Begging Officer Jay has more than earned his title here in the LMi office. Open a bag of chips and you’ll hear him pitter-pattering his way to you, ready to stand watch for any falling crumbs. Jay is a rescue from a local Atlanta shelter who lives for cuddles and head scratches. When he’s…

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6 Signs You Need to Break Up with Your Website Vendor

6 signs its time to leave website vendor - LMi Atlanta GA - Automotive Digital Marketing

Is Your Website Vendor Limiting Your Dealership Growth? – Local Marketing, Inc. in Atlanta, GA Dealerships face unique challenges when it comes to working with website vendors. OEMs have been known to be strict about which website platforms they deem eligible for co-op funds, with many restricting dealers to just one or two. These restraints…

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