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Close More Deals. More Efficiently.

Customized marketing solutions uniquely tailored to your business.

Your Dealership Has Nearly Unlimited Digital Marketing Options

It’s overwhelming – how do you know where to begin and what works?

You’re facing tighter margins, increased competition, and better educated customers. Each dollar you spend is more important than ever.

How do you stand out when your competitors are using the same OEM-driven content?


What If You Could...

Conquest Outside
your CRM


Do Something Different That Works Better

Own Your Digital Marketing

Now You Can. With Local Marketing Inc.



Find quality leads in new places.

Look for buyers in places you and your competitors may be overlooking.


Custom Content

Make your website work harder for you.

Attract quality leads with relevant and unique content that makes your dealership stand out.



Work at the speed of your business.

Get weekly calls with progress reports and suggestions for new ways to drive leads.



Own your digital presence.

Take charge of your digital marketing and make sure it stays with you.

Now You Can. With Local Marketing, Inc.



Attention to detail puts more leads in your showroom. Grow your search presence with carefully crafted title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt text.

Did you know that organic leads convert 3x more than paid leads? Although not that exciting, few marketing techniques are more effective than tags, descriptions, and alt text when done right. LMi does it right.

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Spending money is unavoidable, but over-spending isn’t. Use your marketing dollars more efficiently with strategies to outsmart your competitors.

The average dealership uses 50-75 keywords in its paid search. Sounds manageable, right? But these keywords are also commonly used by other dealerships, and that drives up costs in bidding. LMi does the extra research to identify less frequently used keywords that you can buy for less without sacrificing quality.

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Drive more engagement with your target audience through localized content that makes your dealership stand out.

Remember when frequency of print, radio and TV ads were the way to go? Now it’s Facebook. The good news is, you can reach more potential customers for less money with Facebook than you ever could with traditional media. And LMi goes beyond simply delivering eyeballs by driving likes, comments and shares – and that’s where the action is.

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They’ve already visited your site. Now bring them back to close the deal.

You follow up with shoppers who leave your lot without buying from you, right? Retargeting lets you do the same thing for shoppers who visit your website. Don’t let them get away and go to a competitor.

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They’ve already visited your site. Now bring them back to close the deal.

You follow up with shoppers who leave your lot without buying from you, right? Retargeting lets you do the same thing for shoppers who visit your website. Don’t let them get away and go to a competitor.

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Conquest Emails

Identify and connect with shoppers you’ve never reached before.

You already have the tools to reach your current customers and prospects. But growth happens by stepping outside of those boundaries, reaching the tens of thousands of people in your untapped market. LMi can help you utilize email to deliver the right inventory and offers to this audience.

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Project Management

Speed is central. We turn around content in minutes not hours, hours not days, days not weeks.

Fresh, localized content does more than drive traffic to your showroom – it also makes search engines happy. Watch your dealership climb in search rankings, leading to more and higher quality leads, with content customized to you. LMi can turn around original content fast and create new as well as localize OEM-provided content to make it relevant for you.

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I don’t just want my digital marketing company to set up everything I need, I want access too. With LMi I own the passwords and data. And they teach me what I need to know, so I have control over everything.

Corey Leavens, Internet Manager, Woody Folsom Automotive

LMi drives better, easier to close leads and makes us more visible in search. LMi takes the time to understand us and create content that makes us stand out and get noticed.

Leslie Bailey Calicutt, Marketing Director, Vic Bailey Automotive

“When changing marketing companies, it creates a lot of anxiety trying to interview with prospective companies, and hoping you make the right decision when you make a change. We interviewed a number of companies but decided to meet personally with Local Marketing Inc. or LMi as they call themselves. We interviewed with LMi three to four times; and two of those the times the Director of Automotive Marketing personally flew in to meet with us. She made us very comfortable in knowing we had made the right decision in choosing LMi to take over our Digital Marketing.

LMi has a number of programs to choose from depending on what needs you may have for your company. We choose three programs where we felt we could monitor LMi’s performance: Project Management, SEO and SEM. These were areas where we felt we were not getting the job done with our present marketing. Just 90 days later our numbers have really jumped, Organic Search, Paid Search, and Social Media numbers have really increased in just a short period of time since LMi has taken over our Digital Marketing. LMi’s people are easy to work with, they have staff to handle any business needs you may have, a great asset to our company and to yours if you would allow them the chance to prove themselves. We are very cost conscience and want to make sure we get results from the investments we make, and the partnership we have created with LMi is really paying off for us.”

C. G. Gantt, General Manager, Bell & Bell Automotive